My dad is a well-known chef at one of the local restaurant, but I never learn anything from him on cooking. I remember, when I was first posted out (around age 24), I ask him about cooking as I never ever cook decent meals. He told me too late to pick up anything given the short time. But he gives me a note book that contains all the hand written recipes and all are written in Chinese. I remember I learn a few of that and the rest I learn, invent and experiment during all these years. I’ll have this pages to have all the recipes I have, some from my friends, my dad and my own experiments.

I will start with these 8 recipes from Carol, a friend from Hong Kong, who I know for a long time. I can’t remember why she gave me these  recipes, but I  remember she gave it to me around 2008,  when she  in Singapore. Those recipes also hand written too. I try a few so far so good to me.


After sharing the recipe from Carol, the next section of the recipe I would like to share is Instant Noodle!!. I’m a fan of instant noodle and instant noodle has a big culture in Asia. Friends I know, be it guys or female, most of them have a recipe of their own signature  instant noodles.

When my early day post out, instant noodle is the common solution to my cooking. I find it rather bore that instant noodle normally with simple ingredients, thus have developed different kind of variants to spice food up.

I hope you all will enjoy it;

Stir-Fried Chicken Noodle (14 February 2017)



Pan Seared Squid (19 March 2017)
Bruschetta (17 February 2017)
Mixed Paella (16 February 2017)


Having a section for all the collection of sauces as sauces are important to cooking. Sauces help to bring out out the best of a dish.

Ginger Sauce (18 September 2017)
Ginger Sauce (14 September 2017)
Spicy Shallot Sauce (29 March 2017)
Spicy Asam Sauce (25 March 2017)
Char Siew BBQ Sauce (16 March 2017)
Five Favors Sauce (10 March 2017)