Petai & Prawns In Spicy Assam Sauce

Source: Petai & Prawns In Spicy Assam Sauce


Hainanese Chicken Rice

Sometime back when I was writing on the recipe from my friend on steam chicken, Steam Chicken with Spring Onion, I mentioned about another way of cooking this dish. This is a popular dish in Singapore, you can find it everywhere in almost any food courts, hawker centres , kopi shop and even hotels and restaurants.... Continue Reading →

Spicy Shallot Sauce

This is a very useful and popular dipping sauce used by South East Asian. It is also easily available ready made in bottle in all the supermarkets, mini markets and online stores in South East Asia countries. Some decades ago when I live outside South East Asia where the ready made sauce is not easily available... Continue Reading →

Assam Mee Hoon (Rice Vermicelli)

This is a common dish in South East Asia, you can find this in the menu of most buffet tables (commercially or home). This dish is also often cook to serve with BBQ food in Asia instead of burger bun. Although, the recipe stated serve four, however, this dish can serve as main course alone, at... Continue Reading →

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